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About Pallet Anywhere

About Us

Pallet Anywhere was founded to provide affordable pallet shipping services alongside high quality customer support. Pallet Anywhere now offers this service across the UK and Ireland, which can all be booked online in a matter of minutes. We strive to make Pallet Anywhere the No.1 website for booking pallet deliveries within the UK and Europe.Due to the high number of pallets we send within the UK and Ireland you can save up to 80 % on your pallet delivery costs by using Pallet Anywhere rather than going direct to a freight company.

We offer outstanding customer service from our UK and Irish based offices, our dedicated customer service staff have many years experience in the logistics industry. We offer unrivaled customer support, if you have any questions or issues you can contact us via phone, email and livechat, you can also book a pallet delivery online 24/7. 

You can send a Pallet Delivery within the UK and Ireland, including Northern Ireland with Pallet Anywhere. We only work with the top Pallet Couriers in Europe. We offer fantastic rates to both the UK and Ireland and across Europea.

Regular Sender

Do you send pallets regularly?

We reward regular senders with discounts.

This will be applied to your account and will be on top of any other promotions we may run from time to time, unless otherwise stated.

An account manager will contact you as soon as you send 10 shipments and 20 shipments to apply your discounts.

We may limit the number of accounts that can receive discounts and reserve the right to remove this discount at any time.

If you send under 20/10 pallets in a 12 month period we may revert you to your original rates.

Send over 10 pallets

Send over 10 pallets

Send over 10 pallets within a year and receive 2.5% discount on all future shipments.

Send over 10 pallets

Send over 20 pallets

Send over 20 pallets within a year and receive 5% discount on all future shipments.