Where are my items collected from?
We offer a door to door service, the driver will arrive and collect your items from the main entrance, loading bay, mail room or other suitable area. The driver is unable to collect from within a building. Pallets can only be collected from level areas with hard standings. Hard standings include concrete, tarmac, etc. A pallet needs to be moved easily on a pallet truck at both collection and delivery addresses. We cannot collect or deliver to areas with gravel or grass.
When will my items be collected?
Drivers can collect your items between 8.00 and 18.00, we are unable to advise of a more specific collection time unless you have booked one. If the address is a business address the drivers will usually collect during working hours. Please note that not all drivers have access to mobile phones so may not be able to call you in advance or when they arrive at the address.
When will my items be delivered?
Your items will be delivered between 9.00 and 18.00 on the delivery date. You can also track your items online to see when they are out for delivery.
What if I miss my collection or the driver does not turn up?
If you miss your collection please contact us or you can book a new collection online. Please note missed/failed collections are charged at the full shipment cost and refunds cannot be made. If the driver does not show up please contact us so we can arrange another collection.
What if I miss my delivery?
If you miss the delivery please contact us, we can arrange another delivery however there will be additional charges.
When should I book my collection?
We recommend booking 1-2 days before your collection date. However on some services you can book same day collections, please get a quote to see each services cut off time. You can book further in advance online if you need to.
What packaging can I use?
It is your responsibility to package all items securely, we do not offer a packaging service. You must use a 4 way or euro pallet. Please read all information on packaging here.
How do I send items on a Pallet?
You need to securely attach your goods onto a Pallet, please read our packaging page for detailed instructions.
What size and weight can I send?
Within the UK and Ireland if using a pallet service the maximum base of a pallet is 1.2m x 1m. The maximum height for a half pallet is 1m and for a full pallet is 2m. The maximum weight depends on the service you use, these sizes are shown when booking, however you can send up to 1000kg on a full pallet service within the UK and Ireland.
Can I send an engine or gearbox?
Yes however restrictions apply. If you are sending an engine or gearbox (or any goods containing oil) they must be fully drained of oil before collection There must be no oil or smell of oil coming from the engine or gearbox. We recommend pressure washing and/or sending the engine or gearbox in plastic container secured on the pallet. You may have to collect your pallet from the local depot if any oil or smell of oil is detected. Any spills will be charged for as per the couriers terms and conditions, which can be considerable.
Is there anything I can’t send?
You can send almost anything within reason on a pallet if it fits, however there are some restrictions. Please read our prohibited items and also our non compensation items list.
Do I need labels?
Yes, simply print a label from your My Orders section. Every service has different labels, some labels contain barcodes and other do not. If you are sending your items outside the EU you will also require custom documents, these will be provided in My Orders. Do not hand your pallet to the driver without labels.
What if I don't have access to my labels?
90% of labels will be available within 5 minutes of booking. Some services can take longer to get the labels back from the courier, all labels will be available the day of collection. You will get an email when your labels are available to print. Do not hand your pallet to the driver without labels.
What if I cannot print my labels?
Please contact us. Labels are required for all services, however some services you can make your own labels or hand write the address (if you do not have access to a printer). If there is a barcode in the label then you must print the provided labels. If a label doesn't have a barcode, then you can hand write your own. Barcoded labels must be attached. Do not hand your pallet to the driver without labels. You may be charged an admin fee or your pallet returned if you do not attach labels.
How do I attach my labels?
Simply stick the provided label on the pallet using tape or something similar. If you are provided with more than one label per pallet, only attach one label and give the other labels to the driver. Please make sure no barcodes or addresses fields are covered when attaching labels. For custom paperwork please insert 3 copies into a clear documents enclosed wallet. If you do not have documents enclosed wallets please hand the custom paperwork to the driver who will attach these for you.
Where do you ship to?
We ship within the UK, Ireland and Europe. Use our quote tool to see all destinations and get a quote online. If a country is not listed, then please get in touch for a quote.
Is my stuff covered for damage or loss?
Yes. Each consignment is covered up to the value of £50 as standard. You can add more cover up to £1000 when booking (for a small fee).
How long does it take to receive my item after I sent it?
The transit times will be displayed when booking, these times are quoted in working days. Working days are Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays. Items are not delivered on weekends. In some remote areas it can take an extra 1-2 days for delivery. You can track your item online to see when it will be delivered.
Do you offer discounts for regular senders?
Yes, please read our regular senders page here.
What size/weight item are you allowed to send?
Items must fit securely onto a Pallet with no overhang (unless using oversized service). The maximum size of the base of a Pallet is 1m x 1.2m. A half pallet has a maximum height of 1m and a full Pallet has a maximum height of 2m. Please provide accurate sizes when booking, under declaring sizes will lead to additional charges and your pallet may not be collected (without a refund).
Are there any restrictions on the service?
Yes, please read our terms and conditions and prohibited items list.
What if my item has not arrived yet?
If your items have not arrived 2-3 working days after your delivery date please contact us. If needed we will pursue a compensation claim on your behalf. The biggest reason for pallets being delayed is the labels falling off, it is vitally important that you attach your labels securely.
What if my item has been damaged?
It is very rare for any items to be damaged but if your items have have been damaged we have procedures in place to compensate you for damage and loss. Please make sure the items are signed for a damaged and contact us as soon as possible so we can advise you what the next step is. You will need to send us a completed claim form within 2 days of the items delivery date. Please keep the items and all packaging used.
Still need answers?
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