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Pallet Packaging

Correctly packaging and securing your goods to the pallet is very important. This ensures the courier is able to collect your item without issues and also reduces any chance of damage to the items you are sending.

1. Type of Pallet

Image of a pallet with no boxes

Use the correct type of pallet for the item you are sending. We can only collect Euro Pallets and/or 4 way entry pallets. These type of pallets can be accessed at the bottom from any side by a forklift.

You can use a used or new pallet but please ensure the pallet is not broken and can safely hold the weight of the item you are sending.

The maximum base of a pallet is 1.2m x 1m. The maximum height for a half pallet is 1m and for a full pallet is 2m.

The maximum weight depends on the service you use, these sizes are shown when booking, however you can send up to 1000kg on a full pallet service within the UK and Ireland.

2. Check what items you can send

You can send almost anything within reason on a pallet if it fits. However please check our list of prohibited items as well as items that are not covered by compensation cover.

If you are sending an engine or gearbox (or any goods containing oil) they must be fully drained of oil before collection There must be no oil or smell of oil coming from the engine or gearbox. We recommend pressure washing and/or sending the engine or gearbox in plastic container secured on the pallet. You may have to collect your pallet from the local depot if any oil or smell of oil is detected. Any spills will be charged for as per the couriers terms and conditions, which can be considerable.

3. Package goods on the pallet

Pallet wrap and pallet image

You need to make sure the goods that you are sending on the pallet are packaged securely themselves as well as onto the pallet, please use pallet wrap around all items you are sending. You can purchase pallet wrap online here. You can also watch this video on how to wrap a pallet. You need to tie the end of the wrap to the base of the pallet to get it started. If you are sending multiple items please make sure all items are secure, using pallet wrap is one of the best best methods.

It is very important to make sure nothing over hangs the pallet, the maximum base of a pallet is 1.2m x 1m. If any items overhang you will be charged for another pallet shipment or the items may not be collected.

4. Secure goods to pallet

Pallet wrapped and strapped image

We recommend that you use banding or ratchet straps to physically attach your goods to the pallet (as well as using pallet wrap). The items you are sending must not come away from the pallet.

5. Labels

Pallet with label

You will need to attach labels to your shipment, the labels needs to include delivery address with postcode, delivery name and contact phone number. If you have booked with Pallet Anywhere you can print off a set of labels from the My Orders section. Please attach these labels securely to your pallet. Most pallet couriers will attach a further bar coded label at the depot so you can track your shipment online.

6. Collection and Delivery

Pallets can only be collected and delivered to/from areas of hard standing. This means level ground with a hard surface such as tarmac, concrete, etc. Pallets cannot be collected from areas of gravel or grass for example. The driver will need to be able to move the pallet with a pallet truck easily. All our services have tailgates, so if you have hard standings we will be able to collect your pallets without any additional equipment (if pallet is normal shipment and packaged correctly).

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